iPhone 5

Iphone5-introiPhone 5 was the biggest thing to happen since the launch of iPhone. Big as in tall – the phone had a 4” retina display from the previous 3.5”. Big as in light – the phone was 12% lighter than the previous one. The aspect ratio was changed, from 4:3 to 16:9, allowing another row of app icons in the home screen.

The problems related to iPhone 5 are as follows:

  • There was a lot of battery drainage for both iPhone and iPad but the problem is not effecting a sizeable majority; moreover, there is no conclusive proof that iOS 8.0 is the culprit. Hence, there are a few options which envisage small adjustments and fixes before you reset the phone,
  • Wi-Fi issues: This is another perennial problem with their network strength and consistency; hence, resetting the network is the first alternative to try and rectify the unstable connection. Strange but true; there is no sure-shot solution but, it is suggested that a “reset to factory settings” could save the day,

iPhone 5s

The iPhone 5S was released in 2013 with the iOS 7, having changes to the look and feel of the operating system.Apple billed the iPhone 5s as “The Most Forward-Thinking Smartphone in the World,” at least in part to acknowledge that many of the improvements were not of immediate consumer value, but laid groundwork for future improvements.

The problems faced by this phone are as follows:

  • Battery drain: This problem has continued from iPhone 5 and has not been addressed ; solutions discussed above, for earlier versions, may be tried to see if they work,
  • Wi-Fi issues: The situation continues to be the same with unstable connections and the following usual fixes are suggested;

o     Replacing a router,

o     A factory settings reset or

o     Carrying the iPhone to the Apple store.

  • Sensor calibration problems – Some iPhone 5s users are experiencing symptoms of incorrectly calibrated sensors like the compass, level, gyroscope and accelerometer resulting in incorrect data. It was not clear whether the issue was hardware or operating system related, but Apple replaced the affected units that were under warranty.
  • For some reason some iOS 7 usersIphone_5_caimania noticed that they had to log into certain apps repeatedly. This issue was traced to background app refresh. Few App developers removed the feature from their apps to solve this issue; however iPhone 5s users were also given the option to turn off background app refresh themselves under Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh.
  • It ‘Leaks’ Light – While white iPhone 5s are apparently not as easy to scuff as the black models, the white models have another problem of their own: A tiny amount of light leaks out of the top right corner of the device’s screen. The light leak can be see when they screen is activated in a dark room
  • The ‘No SIM Card Installed’ Error – Some users, even after putting their sim cards were facing the message “No Sim Card Installed”. If you have this problem, then restart your phone by holding down the Home and Sleep buttons. If that does not work, then you need to take the phone to the nearest Apple Store.
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iPhone 4s

13673084043_d9b3690f19_bIn 2011, the iPhone 4S was released in October to allow for the introduction of Siri and iCloud. There was no major change between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S with respect to the hardware except for an 8 MP camera. However, the wide public acceptance of this phone has made it one of the most popular Apple products.

The problems related to the iPhone 4S are as follows:

  • There were serious complaints regarding the sudden drain out of the battery; in effect the battery life was very poor. The battery life issues are most probably due to third party applications.
  • Wi-Fi problems in Apple iPhones go back as far back as the product itself but there was some relief when iOS 8.1 was launched; but, users of iPad and iPhone are still experiencing difficulties in their connections as is so often the case with all upgrades of Apple. This can be fixed by resetting the network settings by switching it off and restarting it to get rid of the problem,
  • The iPhone 4s has also seen its share of problems with regards to data services and slow connections or intermittent connections and other problems; this problem is normally solved by switching off and restarting the phone or the cellular data connection. Another successful method to circumvent this problem is to switch “Off” and then “On” the option for Flight Mode,
  • Crashing Apps – Have been another source of concern and frequent complaints regarding crashes and freezing of many apps in line with other problems that follow an important update. Since Apple is not able to take care of the problems, there is a surge of activity by all the champion programmers to come out with a cogent solution to the problem. Updating apps before and after each new release has become necessary to ensure that your system is up and running to its full potential.
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iPhone 4

5431657055_77c6407031_oIn 2010, the iPhone 4 offered the biggest leap since the iPhone with the introduction of FaceTime Video calling and Retina display. Improvements included a slimmer, redesigned case, a 5 MP camera with LED flash, a VGA-quality front-facing camera, and a stunning new 960×640 LED-backlit display. This phone was the first phone to include a front facing camera, and the first to be released in a version for CDMA networks. The phone was a big hit, but it had its issues:

  • Apple’s new, external antenna design, turned out to have a weak point when the signal was low. If you put your finger on the juncture at the bottom left, you could detune it and lessen reception by a couple of bars. If all you had were a couple of bars or less, you could kill reception completely. But since removing the finger or insulating the juncture with a case, returned the iPhone to normal working order, it didn’t matter.
  • Rear camera stops working – Users of the iPhone 4 have complained that while trying to take a picture, the virtual shutter on the camera is stuck shut. They have also noticed that, even if it worked properly later, they have found that it stops functioning permanently at some point.

  o Remedy: It’s no use trying to reboot or restore. That solution has never worked for any of the users that have tried it. Just look for a free time to take the iPhone to the Apple Store.

  • Rear camera white balance doesn’t work – With a 5MP camera, you can getIPhone_4_cameras amazing outdoor shots with the iPhone 4. Even the quality of the HD Video taken outdoors is as good as those shown in music videos. But when used indoors, the camera does not pass muster. Many users have reported that faulty automatic white balance causes many low-light shots to take on an extremely yellow cast.

o  Solution: Currently there is no solution. Maybe a future update can solve the problem.

  • Some users reported a yellow discoloration of the screen that disappeared after several days. This was attributed to the glass lamination glue that was used while manufacturing. Due to the high demand the phone did not have time to dry fully before the unit reached consumers.
  • Another issue reported by some users within days of the iPhone 4 release was that during calls the proximity sensor can be insensitive, so that facial contact with the touchscreen can end calls, mute calls, and dial other numbers.
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iPhone Repair in Perth, Australia

iphone-248906_640A broken Apple iphone is annoying, but the very good news is that you can easily repair it inside Perth speedily and inexpensively. Below are a few instances of problems iphone 4 users as if you face that many of us help to solve…

Software Problems

Some versions are more at risk from software concerns than other individuals, but most iphone 4 users will probably at some time practical experience software errors or similar problems including quick battery power drain, particular date and occasion misconfigurations, or perhaps issues attaching to Wireless.

In some cases, end users will have to wait for new up-date from The apple company to address these types of issues, however can help the process simply by getting in touch with united states, where we can easily take a look.

If you have an urgent repair that cant’ wait, you might consider getting in touch with DC IT Solutions: http://www.dcitsolutions.com.au/iphone-repairs-perth/

Impaired Hardware

The apple iphone is a wonder of modern executive, and it contains a TON with small switching parts that have to work inside sync to present users the knowledge they expect to have from The apple company.

Common computer hardware problems clients face tend to be issues with their very own camera, or perhaps unresponsive residence button or maybe volume controls.

Luckily, an expensive fix from the Apple help team is absolutely not the only alternative in such cases. Looking for extensive practical knowledge fixing plus replacing the particular smallest regarding iPhone ingredients, and we do at a price tag that wil break the bank.

Hard drive Issues

Oftentimes your phone’s memory might fill up having files a person weren’t also aware of, just like Siris’ refuge.

Or you may experience that you are getting files with an undesirable spot.

Whatever the hard drive issue, one among our restore technicians can assist you to identify squandered space and ensure that you are going only the actual programs and also storing simply the data files that you need.

Water damage and mold

If you have dropped your own personal phone inside sink, built something onto it, or even simply just exposed that to excessive humidity, the good news is chance that may be has been harmed by humidity.

We’ll draperies during your system with the extreme care as well as diagnose what exactly specifically continues to be damaged in advance of fixing the idea.

Cracked Computer screen

The well known cracked screen…

Nobody would like staring right into a spiderweb as soon as trying to create a call. And also the cracks could hinder your own touch screen also.

Luckily, that is one of the most widespread repairs we all make plus one of the quickest.

And when most of us fix your current screen, we are definitely do it for a price MUCH lower amount than Apple company.

Common Problems

While Apple company company delivers a better product and also user practical knowledge with launch, each creation of new iphone 4 has types of occur oftener than in other people. Below we are compiled a listing of common challenges for each era.

iPhone 3-G Issues

Include things like dead lieu, loose switches and subwoofer issues. Many problems are mended by a effective replacement of often the component.

3GS Issues

Very similar issues because 3G, however users have complained involving problems with the actual lock tv screen button along with home

control key, which occasionally require a replacing components.

apple iphone 4g Issues

This specific model observed some early on software difficulties which were patched with succeeding updates, while some other people users include complained of an screen that cracks without difficulty and complications of the photographic camera. Both of these difficulties can usually end up being fixed without difficulty and at economical.

4S Challenges

The 4S saw difficulty with the new COMPUTER ITSELF software, as well as users lamented about the cell phone lagging, by using a freezing key-board being a widespread complaint.

Some other users get complained with higher-than-normal info usage, which are often usually preset simply by altering the phone’s settings. Some information about this can be found here.

iphone 4 5 Challenges

The main problems seen while using iPhone a few tend to be application related, by using keyboard separation and complications of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on the web connectivity reported.

These types of issues may by solved by a combination of tweaks towards phone’s functions.

5C Troubles

This product sees equivalent issues for the standard 5 various, but consumers have documented screen glint and getting stuck as well.

The good thing is this is seldom due to complications with the tv screen itself, which is more likely a system issue that will fix easily and low-priced.

5S Difficulties

This style suffers almost all of the same problems as the your five and 5C, which can typically be fixed with changes to the phone’s settings.

New iphone 4 6 Troubles

The most recent iphone 3gs 6 types come with a diverse set of difficulties to watch intended for, including notorious “red screen” issues with asking for and damaged screens, besides the new Gorilla Glass.

In case you experience any sort of issues with your own iPhone 6th, bring it in for a diagnosis. You can also find more info related to iPhone repair by visiting our homepage here.

Additional Issues With The 6

Precisely the same issues because 6, but problems with quick battery life, Wireless issues, in addition to keyboard issues

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