iPhone 4s

13673084043_d9b3690f19_bIn 2011, the iPhone 4S was released in October to allow for the introduction of Siri and iCloud. There was no major change between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S with respect to the hardware except for an 8 MP camera. However, the wide public acceptance of this phone has made it one of the most popular Apple products.

The problems related to the iPhone 4S are as follows:

  • There were serious complaints regarding the sudden drain out of the battery; in effect the battery life was very poor. The battery life issues are most probably due to third party applications.
  • Wi-Fi problems in Apple iPhones go back as far back as the product itself but there was some relief when iOS 8.1 was launched; but, users of iPad and iPhone are still experiencing difficulties in their connections as is so often the case with all upgrades of Apple. This can be fixed by resetting the network settings by switching it off and restarting it to get rid of the problem,
  • The iPhone 4s has also seen its share of problems with regards to data services and slow connections or intermittent connections and other problems; this problem is normally solved by switching off and restarting the phone or the cellular data connection. Another successful method to circumvent this problem is to switch “Off” and then “On” the option for Flight Mode,
  • Crashing Apps – Have been another source of concern and frequent complaints regarding crashes and freezing of many apps in line with other problems that follow an important update. Since Apple is not able to take care of the problems, there is a surge of activity by all the champion programmers to come out with a cogent solution to the problem. Updating apps before and after each new release has become necessary to ensure that your system is up and running to its full potential.
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