iPhone 5

Iphone5-introiPhone 5 was the biggest thing to happen since the launch of iPhone. Big as in tall – the phone had a 4” retina display from the previous 3.5”. Big as in light – the phone was 12% lighter than the previous one. The aspect ratio was changed, from 4:3 to 16:9, allowing another row of app icons in the home screen.

The problems related to iPhone 5 are as follows:

  • There was a lot of battery drainage for both iPhone and iPad but the problem is not effecting a sizeable majority; moreover, there is no conclusive proof that iOS 8.0 is the culprit. Hence, there are a few options which envisage small adjustments and fixes before you reset the phone,
  • Wi-Fi issues: This is another perennial problem with their network strength and consistency; hence, resetting the network is the first alternative to try and rectify the unstable connection. Strange but true; there is no sure-shot solution but, it is suggested that a “reset to factory settings” could save the day,

iPhone 5s

The iPhone 5S was released in 2013 with the iOS 7, having changes to the look and feel of the operating system.Apple billed the iPhone 5s as “The Most Forward-Thinking Smartphone in the World,” at least in part to acknowledge that many of the improvements were not of immediate consumer value, but laid groundwork for future improvements.

The problems faced by this phone are as follows:

  • Battery drain: This problem has continued from iPhone 5 and has not been addressed ; solutions discussed above, for earlier versions, may be tried to see if they work,
  • Wi-Fi issues: The situation continues to be the same with unstable connections and the following usual fixes are suggested;

o     Replacing a router,

o     A factory settings reset or

o     Carrying the iPhone to the Apple store.

  • Sensor calibration problems – Some iPhone 5s users are experiencing symptoms of incorrectly calibrated sensors like the compass, level, gyroscope and accelerometer resulting in incorrect data. It was not clear whether the issue was hardware or operating system related, but Apple replaced the affected units that were under warranty.
  • For some reason some iOS 7 usersIphone_5_caimania noticed that they had to log into certain apps repeatedly. This issue was traced to background app refresh. Few App developers removed the feature from their apps to solve this issue; however iPhone 5s users were also given the option to turn off background app refresh themselves under Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh.
  • It ‘Leaks’ Light – While white iPhone 5s are apparently not as easy to scuff as the black models, the white models have another problem of their own: A tiny amount of light leaks out of the top right corner of the device’s screen. The light leak can be see when they screen is activated in a dark room
  • The ‘No SIM Card Installed’ Error – Some users, even after putting their sim cards were facing the message “No Sim Card Installed”. If you have this problem, then restart your phone by holding down the Home and Sleep buttons. If that does not work, then you need to take the phone to the nearest Apple Store.
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